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Verizon FiOS Brings Fiber-Optics to Your Home

Even if you’re not a technical person, you have probably noticed Internet service providers talking about fiber-optic connections. You know that fiber-optic connections are faster and provide higher quality, more reliable service. In other words, fiber-optic equals good. Cable companies, particularly, are very eager to make sure you know fiber-optic is good. What they don’t tell you is that they don’t offer fiber-optic connections all the way to your computer. While providers don’t like to admit this, their fiber-optic connection stops at the curb. Verizon FiOS is the only Internet provider who actually brings fiber-optic all the way into your home, right to your computer.

Fiber-optic connections are, indeed, very good. Data signals are transmitted as pulses of light over extremely fine strands of glass fiber. The signal that reaches your computer with Verizon FiOS is extremely clear, and arrives incredibly fast. At this point, consumer Internet access does not get better than fiber-optic. Verizon FiOS takes advantage of new technology to bring that fiber-optic quality all the way to your computer.

Until recently, fiber-optic to the curb was the best you could get, and it was certainly better than analog lines. Cable Internet is faster than some alternatives. But with Verizon FiOS, you get the absolute fastest home Internet access available. FiOS offers speeds of up to 50Mbs downstream and 5 Mbps upstream. If you want fast Internet, Verizon FiOS is your best choice.

Of course, speed is not the only thing you look for in Internet access. You also want a reliable connection. Verizon FiOS brings you the most stable Internet connection because the signal travels over fiber-optic connections exclusively. You’ll be amazed how stable your connection is, and you will definitely not miss the occasional stutter in service, brownout or complete downtime.

You might expect a faster, better Internet connection to cost a lot more than cable, but Verizon FiOS actually costs less than you currently pay for your cable Internet connection. Plans start at $42.99, which includes your Internet connection and access to great online entertainment including games, movie trailers and reviews, and music videos, reviews and mixes.

Installation of your Verizon FiOS comes free with your one-year contract, so you won’t have to spend your free time installing a new Internet connection. A professional Verizon installation technician will set up the hardware and software on your computer, connect your computer to the Internet and make sure it’s working correctly, and provide a welcome packet with everything you need to know about your Verizon connection.

Cable companies had a monopoly in many areas for far too long, and their high-speed Internet has been popular because it is faster than other options. However, cable companies also have a reputation of being difficult to deal with, and most people keep cable Internet connections only because they have few alternatives. Now you have the choice of faster, more reliable, more affordable Verzion FiOS with available free installation and lower monthly rates than cable. Choice is good. Choosing Verizon FiOS will free you from the cable company.

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