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5 Ways Verizon FiOS New York can Help You Make Money From Home

Written by Russell Blanc of iFiberCompany

If you are one of the Verizon FiOS New York customers that is looking for a way to make some extra income or to replace a lost job, Verizon FiOS super fast Internet and high quality TV service can help. These days almost everyone is feeling an economic pinch, especially New Yorkers. If you are a Verizon FiOS New York customer, you’ve probably already cut some non essentials from your budget but that might not be enough to make up for a lost job or reduced work hours. Here are five ways that you can use your Verizon FiOS TV, Internet and phone service to make money from home:

1. Set up an online business - Millions of people are turning to the Web to make money. No matter what your skill set is you can use it to make money for yourself online. You can open a retail Website from home. You can even make money designing blog layouts or creating images for people to use on their Websites. Selling items through online auction sites is also a good way to make money at home. No matter what business you choose in order to be successful online you’ll need a reliable, high speed Internet connection in order to be successful. Verizon FiOS is the fastest and most reliable Internet service you can get because of Verizon’s cutting edge fiber optic network.

Verizon FiOS Double Play2. Freelance – Verizon FiOS New York customers know that real estate in New York can be very expensive, so skip the fancy office and work at home. Verizon FiOS Internet and digital quality phone service are the only tools you need to run a successful freelance business from home. With Verizon phone service you can use voicemail, automated answering and call routing to create a professional office atmosphere in any room of your home. Ultra fast Verizon Internet service will give you the power and speed that you need to work on and deliver big files, multimedia content, and loads of emails.

3. Find a new career – If you have lost a job and you haven’t been able to find a job in your chosen career field it might be time for a new career field. Surfing through the hundreds of channels that Verizon FiOS TV service brings into your living room and watching reality shows about interior designers, real estate professionals and other professionals will give you a chance to see what it’s really like to work those fields. You might find out that you are interested in a field that you never considered before.

4. Learn new skills - In today’s tough job market if you want to find a decent paying job that has stability you need to bring more than just a good resume to the table. With Verizon FiOS super fast Internet, you will be able to attend online training courses and tutoring sessions that will help you learn the skills that you need in order to be competitive in a particular industry.

5. Promote your business – You don’t have to spend a lot of money promoting your new at home business when you have the power of Verizon FiOS behind you. Because Verizon FiOS Internet can handle lots of multimedia content that other Internet services can’t you will be able to make videos, podcasts, and other popular multimedia content to promote your business.

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