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Verizon FiOS Massachusetts

Verizon FiOS is currently available in Massachusetts and continues to expand its services across the state. FiOS is branching their fiber optic network to better serve the state of Massachusetts with more lightning-fast Verizon FiOS services. A list of towns have been provided below and we will continue to update the status of new Verizon FiOS TV, Verizon FiOS High Speed Internet and Verizon FiOS Phone services.

Verizon FiOS Double Play

Verizon FiOS Massachusetts Status

Here are the major cities and counties in Massachusetts where Verizon FiOS is potentially available... Check to see the availability of FiOS in your town!

Check Verizon FiOS Availability

  • Barnstable County, MA
  • Berkshire County, MA
  • Boston, MA
  • Bristol County, MA
  • Cambridge, MA
  • Dukes County, MA
  • Essex County, MA
  • Franklin County, MA
  • Hampden County, MA
  • Hampshire County, MA
  • Lowell, MA
  • Middlesex County, MA
  • Nantucket County, MA
  • Norfolk County, MA
  • Plymouth County, MA
  • Springfield, MA
  • Suffolk County, MA
  • Worcester, MA
  • Worcester County, MA