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3 Reasons to Use Verizon FiOS Specialized Channels

There are lots of different factors that make Verizon FiOS a great deal, but one of the factors that people usually overlook is the specialized channels that are available through Verizon FiOS. Compared to the cost of the specialized channels on cable or satellite, Verizon FiOS charges a lot less for specialized channels like HD channels, premium movie channels, international channels, and some educational channels.

Verizon FiOS also offers an extensive library of content on their in house specialized channel, On Demand. Here are three of the best reasons that you should use Verizon FiOS specialty channels:

1. Get The Most Out Of Your TV – Did you pay a lot of money for a high quality HD flat screen or plasma TV with great audio? If you did and you’re using regular cable or satellite, you wasted a lot of money. No other digital TV service offers more channels than Verizon FiOS, and many of them are included in the basic package.

Cable companies and satellite companies that do offer specialty channels in HD often stick those channels in the most expensive package so that you have to pay a premium price and usually have to pay for channels you don’t need or want just to get the HD channels that you do want. If you want to really get the best picture and sound on your fancy TV, you need to get Verizon FiOS TV service so that you can get more HD channels, like the National Geographic HD channel, for less.

The specialty On Demand channel also gives you access to hundreds of HD TV shows and movies, many of them free. You’ve already spent the money to get a TV and stereo system that will give you a phenomenal TV experience. So now switch to Verizon FiOS so that you can get all the channels you want in HD.

Verizon FiOS - Save $1502. Get The Ultimate Selection – Verizon FiOS’s On Demand channel isn’t like any other TV service’s view on demand system. Most cable companies overcharge for pay per view movies and don’t offer many HD choices. Satellite companies don’t usually offer a very wide selection of watch on demand movies and offer very little other content unless you subscribe to a premium package. But with Verizon FiOS, even with the basic package you can access the On Demand channel that has thousands of movies, many of them free. There are also popular TV shows and interactive content that you can watch whenever you want.

3. Improve Your LifeStyle – There are lots of shows and videos on the Verizon FiOS specialty channels that can help you improve your life, for free or for a very low cost. You can learn to cook and learn about nutrition with the help of famous TV chefs.

Or, you can watch a home workout program and get in a yoga, aerobics or even a walking workout at home for free with Verizon FiOS On Demand so there’s no need to join a gym. The hottest workouts are often features like yoga, running, boot camps, and other trendy workouts. Instead of paying for an expensive class you can get in shape at home for free with Verizon FiOS’s specialty channels. Or, you can choose educational kids content so that you can help your kids learn more and supplement what they are learning in school.

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