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Verizon FiOS Internet is Blazing Fast

When it comes to looking for an internet service provider, everyone is looking for the internet with the fastest speed. With cable, DSL, and even dial up available, it can be hard to figure out who really has the fastest internet around. Verizon High Speed internet broadcasts with a 100% fiber optic network, which makes it much faster than DSL, dial up, and even other cable internet companies.

100% Fiber Optic Network

Fiber Optic cables are not only for cable anymore, but can actually work wonders for the internet world as well. Verizon FiOS offers one of the fastest speeds of internet around, being able to load web page after web page in only a matter of seconds.

It is capable of downloading pictures, videos, and just about anything you could dream of on the internet, and can do it in matter of minutes. Even large files that would normally take hours are done quickly on Verizon FiOS, meaning less waiting time and more time to enjoy your media online.

24 Hour Customer Service

Unlike other internet service providers, Verizon FiOS offers 24 hour live customer support. You can call any hour of the day with questions, concerns, or anything you need related to your fios, and even get help with troubleshooting and problems that don’t require a technician.

If the problem cannot be fixed over the phone, the customer support staff is more than happy to schedule an appointment for it to get fixed right away. All of your internet problems can get fixed right away, meaning more time for you to enjoy all that Verizon FiOS Internet has to offer.

Verizon Member Discounts

Verizon FiOS Internet subscribers will receive a number of great entertainment discounts, just for being a basic member. The discounts are on the most popular, latest internet services such as music downloads, movies, and much more.

Rhapsody Music Player, MovieLink, and GoToMyPC are just a few of the companies that offer great discounts to Verizon customers, making the internet much more enjoyable. Not only do you save money by subscribing to Verizon FiOS Internet, but you can save a great deal more on music, movies, and all types of entertainment you can enjoy from your home PC.

Easy Installation

Verizon FiOS Internet is easy to install, and actually only requires three steps before you can be up and running on the internet. All you have to do is insert the provided DVD into your home PC, and you are on your way to getting online.

The DVD does most of the work, and then all you have to do is the installation. You first install the filters and then the included modem, and set up your online account while installing the software. Once everything is complete, you can open up the internet and start your surfing.

Additional Premium Services

Verizon FiOS isn’t like other internet service providers, since you can actually pick and choose your services to fit your families specific internet needs. You can add extra security onto your computer, backup storage, computer games on demand, or even customer support for PC issues not related to internet.

You can choose one or all of the premium services offered by Verizon FiOS, since they can help to improve your overall internet and PC enjoyment. With everything from added security to computer games that will keep your family entertained for hours, the premium services make it possible to customize your internet to how you would like it.

Verizon High Speed Internet is one of the best around, since it operates on a fiber optic network that makes it faster than all the rest. Not only is the internet the best, but the easy installation, welcoming staff, and member discounts make it well worth the discounted price. The additional premium services make it possible to customize your internet to fit your specific internet needs, making Verizon FiOS the best option for all different families and households.

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