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5 Reasons Verizon FiOS TV is the Best Value in Digital TV Service

Verizon FiOS TV service gives customers the most value for their money. These days everyone is trying to cut back and make smarter spending choices. Choosing Verizon FiOS TV service gives you the kind of quality and selection that you want at a price that won’t break your budget. Here are the top five reasons why Verizon FiOS is the best value in town when it comes to home TV service:

1. Verizon gives customers more HD channels – It’s true. If you have invested a lot of money in an expensive HD TV and you want to get the most of out your HD TV, then you need to get Verizon FiOS because Verizon offers more of the HD channels that you want without a huge price tag. According to news reports American customers pay more than 300% of the cost the HD viewers in other countries pay for HD TV service. Don’t pay more than you have to. Get Verizon TV service and get the HD shows, channels, and movies that you want without paying a lot of extra money to get them.

2. Verizon has an interactive menu - Imagine not having to flip through endless pages of menu items to find what you want when you’re using the guide or the menu on your TV. Wouldn’t that be great? Verizon FiOS offers customers a state of the art interactive menu that helps customers find what they are looking for faster. Don’t waste time on a TV service that expects you to spend a lot of time searching for the channels or On Demand shows that you want to see. Choose Verizon FiOS and get what you want, when you want it.

3. Verizon FiOS On Demand – Most cable companies offer an On Demand service that lets you choose from popular TV shows and movies to watch instantly. But not all On Demand services are created equal. Many cable companies stock their On Demand roster with outdated movies and obscure TV shows while they jack up the prices of new release movies or classic favorite movies in order to make more money. Verizon FiOS offers the widest selection of On Demand shows and movies and offers them all at reasonable prices. Many are free.

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4. Verizon FiOS has a higher quality picture – Because Verizon FiOS uses fiber optic cable and not traditional cables like the ones used by cable services FiOS delivers more information and a higher quality feed to your home than other TV services. If you want to get the best possible picture on your fancy HD TV then you need to be using the fiber optic Verizon FiOS TV service in order to get the clearest, most vivid picture possible.

5. Verizon FiOS bundles – Verizon FiOS service is already a great value, but you can save even more when you bundle services like home phone service and home Internet service with your Verizon FiOS TV service. You can choose from different packages of channels to in order to make sure that you are getting all the channels that you want at a reasonable price. Verizon bundle pricing makes it easier to get all your favorite channels and great home phone service and home Internet service too.

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