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Verizon FiOS Delivers State of the Art HD Service

Only a cutting edge network like the Verizon FiOS fiber optic network can deliver TV programming with enough quality to really give customers the full HD experience. Thousands of people spend a lot of money on high tech state of the art HD televisions and then are disappointed with the quality of the image. There’s nothing wrong with the TV, it’s the TV service that causes a low quality image.

Verizon FiOS Triple Play DealsWhen the TV and movie studios create TV programming and movies that are optimized for HD, the programming they create gets compressed in order to travel along the networks that different cable and TV services use. While that data is traveling, little pieces of it can get lost in transit on networks that aren’t as high quality as the Verizon network. That missing data will lessen the quality of the picture that the customer eventually sees, even if the customer has a high end TV that was made for HD programming.

Verizon FiOS is the only network in the country that uses fiber optic cables to deliver TV programming and fast Internet service directly into people’s homes. Cable TV providers and satellite providers may use fiber optic cables along their networks between hubs in order to make it faster for information to flow along the backbone of the network but many of those services still use old copper cables or coaxial cables to deliver programming and Internet service directly to customers. That’s like attaching a garden hose to a fire hose and siphoning off water. In the process, a lot of information and a great deal of the high quality TV programming which has been optimized for HD, gets lost. Once that information is lost, the picture quality will start to deteriorate.

Because Verizon FiOS has fiber optic cables that are connected directly to customers there is no loss of quality or speed once the information comes through the hub. The TV and movies that are created for HD will look better on HD TV screens when the information travels through the fire hose of fiber optic cable than it does when delivered through the garden hose of copper or coaxial cable used by other companies.

Verizon FiOS also gives customers more HD programming than almost any other TV service in the market. FiOS has more than 110 HDTV channels that are available in HD so that people who have spent a lot of money on an HD TV can get the best picture possible and the most programming possible. FiOS also has more than 1,500 movies, shows, sporting events and special features that are available through FiOS On Demand and can be watched at any time. Each month the lineup of HD On Demand shows changes so that there is always new HD programming available for customers. Verizon FiOS On Demand has the biggest selection of HD programming available for customers that is available today, so if you want high quality and a lot of options when it comes to HD content you have to choose Verizon FiOS.

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